Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May of Miracles!

     Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day! For Memorial Day we had Zone Olympics. It was a great time! We played everything from, soccer, smash ball, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee (Sister Blood and I had a sick touch down). It was a great time!

     But this last week we had such a great week! We went over to a member’s house a couple weeks ago and the member’s non-member friend was over for dinner also. So when I first approach somebody I become their friend and then talk about religion. So at first I talked about working. He is a Web Developer for a big company here. So we talked about religion for a little bit and got to know what he believed in. He was at first standoffish so we just got a return appointment to talk more. So we set the appointment up for that coming week and we forgot about it. We wrote down the wrong day to see him! So we texted him and apologized to him and asked if we could re-schedule, he never replied! So a couple days later I texted him back being a little bit more persistent and he said that we could meet up again that coming Tuesday. So we had an idea to do a church tour with him for our first meeting. We had a member with us while we showed him around the church. This investigator is GOLDEN!! We stopped and looked at the pictures and he had the best comments and questions. I was trying to hold back my tears because the spirit he brought was strong. But as we went around the church he had such great questioned to ask us. My companion and the member were shocked. Throughout my companion’s mission and the member’s mission they have never had an investigator this ready for the Gospel. They both were in aww. So as we finished off the tour at the baptismal font/basketball court we talked more about the Gospel and answered his questions. My companion asked him if he would get baptized and he paused for a second and said “yes I will” we were shocked! So we talked more and then he said something to us that floored us, “What do I expect after baptism?” So we told him about the laying on of hands to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and a few other things about different auxiliaries within the church. As we were doing the church tour we asked if he would like to attend church with us this Sunday and he said without pausing he was going to come. So he did!!! He is so golden! We have an appointment with him tonight but I am actually on exchanges in another town!! Grrrr…….

I just talked to the Zone leader and the Mission President wants the whole mission to get a new investigator in on a church tour within a week!! How sick is that!!! Pavin’ the way by the Holy Ghost!!! Love you all!! (Oh yeah….I rode in a convertible Mustang to church again!! And his wife was not in the front seat this time!! Hahahahhaha!!!)

 Derby Zone Olympics

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