Monday, February 16, 2015

Working In the Mission Office

Hey Family and Friends,

Sorry I have not emailed since I have been transferred into the office. Things are going great here in the office world! I also cover a YSA Branch which is awesome and weird. LOL!!! We won’t get much time out of the office this transfer since it is a very busy time for Missionaries. We are having Zone Conference this week so we will be all over the mission doing car inspections, setting up equipment and making sure things run smooth for the 9-5 Conference. 

This transfer I have been doing tons in the office. Since we are most likely not getting iPads I made up a DVD full of 25 Mormon Message for all the 238 missionaries in Kansas!! I have had 3 DVD drives burning for the past few days. I have also been updating Photobucket. We are asking all the missionaries to send in pictures that they want to be posted. We are using this as a virtual “scrapbooking” device. 
Here is the link:

We are also supplying all the new incoming missionaries with the whole bed set. So I was the one that went out and bought all of that stuff. We went to Sams Club and bought 50 pillows. People thought we were crazy.

Last week we had the privilege to attend the Kansas City Temple! It was so great being able to attend the Temple. We all had such a great experience there! 

So the other night after eating dinner we decided to get the truck washed. As we were there a man came up to us and started asking us what we did. So we told him what we did. We started teaching him and he wants to change. He has some serious issues that he wants to stop doing! It was so incredible!! Even though we are in the office we are still blessed to help those in need. 

Love you all!!
Elder Taylor Paul Dickson

Kansas City Missouri Temple