Monday, April 28, 2014

Transfers on Wednesday

Good by Kingman Kansas and Hello Derby Kansas.  Taylor is being transferred Wednesday the 30th for his new assignment.  He is sorry he didn't get to write a letter for his blog they had a short amount of time today. He has loved Kingman and his companion Elder Maki, Bro & Sis Greenlaw, and all those wonderful people who have fed and taken such good care of them. He is grateful for the experiences he has had and is ready for the new. He will be in the same District with his second cousin, Sister Blood.  He is going from a town of around 3,000 to a city of 23,000 people.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter (Yesterday)

This week has been pretty good! Yesterday a lady that we do service for at the Museum had us and the Sisters over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt! There were so many little kids running around looking for the eggs. I had a blast showing my favorite kids where the stashes were located! Lol. After that we just sat under a tree chatted about life while we gazed over the mile(s) of rolling green farm land. I was glad they did not have any four wheelers because I would have been out cruising on the farm and on the dirt roads! (Crap, I am sounding like the country folks now.)

A family that is out of our area boundaries always brings us food. (Bro and Sis Balzer) Late last night they said they were going to come over and bring us Easter dinner since we couldn’t go to their house. So he brought over tons of food (again) for us. Four people were carrying in all the food. We loved it. Cereal, M&M’s, bread, roast with potatoes gravy and carrots smothered with Sriracha sauce, pizzas, MONEY, and cheese! Oh my goodness!! Heaven! The Lord is providing!!

Speaking of the Lord providing. The Pitcock family is a part member less active family. She has a goal to attend church once a month. Well she has only been able to come once this year. Her husband did not want anything to do with the church. But the Sister's went over to talk with her the other day and the wife said that her husband wants to get baptized and eventually be sealed in the Temple!! Well at church yesterday the whole family showed up despite his hectic work schedule! Miracle!!! So we talked with the husband and he invited us over for dinner tomorrow night! I so can’t wait for that!! He has a huge farm that he runs so I want to see if he needs help. My goal is to drive a John Deere tractor while I am out here!!!

I hope that life is treating you all well. I love you all so much! I can’t wait to be back with you all again!! Love you all!

That’s right!! Reppin’ the Utah Jazz today!! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Because of Him", I am where I am today!!

Happy Easter to all my beloved Family and Friends. We had a Zone Conference this past Tuesday and it was phenomenal! While at the conference we had multiple trainings to enlighten us. But one training that really stuck out to me that I would like to share is this video that has been posted. The spiritual power of sitting in a room watching this video with 44 Elders and Sister along with the Mission President was so powerful! I wish it could share that experience with you all! But since I cant do that I invite each of you to gather around with your friends and family to watch this short video.
Love you all and God Bless!! ~ Elder Dickson

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Beautiful Tan & Today, Frozen Fingers

Hello Everybody,

Things are going well out here in the boonies of America! This week the weather has been so beautiful. 80 degree weather, a beautiful tan I received, and frozen fingers today!! It snowed this morning in Kansas! So messed up!!

But going to the Temple was a great experience! The bus ride to Oklahoma was 3 ½ hours long. Ugh!!! After the session we had a special meeting with the Temple President. I can’t speak of what he said due to certain reasons but one thing I can say. When the missionaries are chosen the council members keep in mind our 20 year future as they choose what place to serve. It was cool to know that our mission will shape the rest of our lives “Plus” the 2 years we are serving will give us an advantage for our next 20 years of our life! Amazing!!

One of our investigators that we have been working with loves having us come over for lessons. So the other night we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to her and her husband. They just seemed so amazed that we believed all of it. So we asked them “if you pray and come to know these things we have taught are true what would you do” she responded “well we would like to be apart of it!” So we gave them a date so they can be accountable for receiving that inspiration. So this week we had an appointment and they cancelled. Ugh. But last week I did have a dream that the wife did get baptized but the husband did not. But eventually the husband did join. I so hope it will come true!!

Love you all!!
Elda T Dickson

3 1/2 hour bus ride to the Oklahoma Temple.

 Oklahoma Temple

We named our dashboard hula girl Dorothy!! 
There were two storms clashing with each other at that time.

Sing us away Dorothy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Was Good!

Well I hope that everybody had a good Conference the past few days! I know I did! As I was watching conference I started to get Utah sick! I really miss Utah! I actually got to see a few friends that were in the choir! That was really exciting! Conference made me tear up several times, I see why Dad and Grandpa tear up. Just being out here on the mission studying the Gospel has really opened up my testimony for conference. I am actually understanding what they are saying. LOL We were in Pratt, Kansas at the Church to watch Conference. We were able to spend time with the Senior couple that we all love, they are the Greenlaws. They are from Mapleton.

We had a couple of members bring us food, it was awesome. We love the members and how they help us out.

We were invited to a Bonfire last week, it was interesting. When my companion and I arrived a few of the people that were there swore and asked why missionaries got invited. By the time the Bonfire was over we had all become friends and we were invited back to a a birthday party this coming week. So, we hope this will turn into something for us.

I don't have much time to email today because it is a half p-day. We are going to the Temple tomorrow. WAHOO!!! So I will send pictures along with a longer email.  It's a three hour bus ride to Missouri Ugh! but going to the temple will be awesome. Tell Grandpa D thanks for the letters and the $5 bucks, it helps pay to do my laundry. Ha ha 

Love you all!!!
Elder Taylor Dickson

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The members are great!

It is really nice outside this morning! Love it! We were inside all day yesterday, I didn't feel well. So we stayed home and rested all day. Plus we had a member come over and give me a blessing. And then he saw that we did not have any food so he and his wife brought us over food. Then another member and his mother texted us saying what kind of food do you like. So they are going to load us up with food this week. The members are great. The one member brought his wife over and she told us not to get discouraged. She has lived here her whole life and pretty much shunned because she is Mormon. But she said out of the 23 years living here we have only had 2 baptisms. So she said get your face out in the community. The president said that we should do service here in town. So we have been looking around for service opportunities. We went to an old folks home last week and it looked like pure torture in there. To get OUT of the building you have to type in a code to open the doors. I will never let anybody go into one of those!! We did get a few new investigators so we are working with them. It is the neighbors downstairs. Happy Birthday Dad. 
Love you all, Elder Dickson