Monday, February 24, 2014

I tell you what!! (Southern accent)

I tell you what!! (Southern accent) This day has been awesome!! I had an emergency transfer! So I received a new companion named Elder Maki. He played Rugby for the All Blacks!! Sick!! He is going to be a great trainer! This e-mail is not going to be long because we have just had meetings this past week. But last Friday I went out on exchanges with the Zone leader. We had to go visit some missionaries so they could pass off their lessons. So while they were doing that I played a little b-ball! Wahoo!! After playing ball we had a dinner appointment with some members. We met up at the Outback but the wait was over and hour long! We instead went to a PHO Noodle House across town. It was so good. When we were being dropped off we had a spiritual thought. It was so spiritual!! The member said let me see your Book of Mormon. He said “pick a page number” then he read off a few verse numbers he then said “choose a verse number” I did, then he read the verse. After he read it we had to apply that to our lives. It was so fun! Each of you should try this at night for every person in your household! This will not only be fun but it will strengthen your testimony of the Book of Mormon.

One weird experience I forgot to tell. We were out tracting one night and we went to some trailer houses. I said to my companion I wonder what God has in store for me on this house. (Every house we knocked the people were jerks) So I knocked on this house and this man came out. I said “I am a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.” He laughed his butt off. He said do you want to know what religion I am, come in. I had a feeling not to go in. So I didn't. He said I believe in the universe. I thought oh great a crazy man! And he was, his eyes were wide open heckling us. We left and I looked up and noticed he had a motion sensor above his door. He knew we were coming and was prepared! The Lord helped me out in this situation so much. He kept throwing my words back down my throat so I had a feeling to just walk away! Sorry for cutting it so short but I need to go!
Love you all!! Thanks for the prayers.

MTC District!!

Sister Nally, President Nally, ME!!!, Elder Potter.
 MTC President and MTC Companion

Elder Sutherland, ME!!, Elder and Sister Greenlaw,
Sister Mcquoy, and Sister Miller.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Taylor's New Letter

If you read this letter you are obliging that you will do the challenges that are extended within this message.

Hey everybody! Thanks for the prayers in the missionaries behalf! They are much needed all over the world! Things have been tough this week. I will warn you. I’m not the missionary that sends home letters saying everything is awesome. I’m not fake like that! I will tell you how it is!

Last week we went to a food bank in town to do volunteer work. It was great we had a great time helping the people there! It really put things into perspective of how you should be grateful for the things we have! Most of the people in this town do not have money at all for food so they go to the food bank. Well as we were there a minister of another church came in and said “you two GET OUT!” I stood there like he was joking. He was serious! I got up walked over and got my stuff. My companion just stood there and said we are not leaving. I thought oh great!! (He is so stubborn it’s a joke) They stood there and argued for a little. I told my comp let’s go! He didn’t care! So a little longer and he walked outside. We talked with the minister outside and tried to understand each other’s viewpoints. He said (in a nut shell) this is our turf. We take care of the food bank. My comp had the guts to argue with him. So as we were standing there The Lord sent the head chair member of the food bank in our path. She came up and said what’s going on? I told her we were doing service in here and we were kicked out for doing good in the community. She stood there not knowing what to say! She told the minister we need to talk. So she shook my hand and introduced herself to me and she said “it’s a beautiful day” you have a good day. You are welcome here anytime in my eyes. We left trying to shake the man’s hand and he wouldn’t. He said you are fake representatives of Christ and I won’t shake hands with you. So I killed him with kindness!! Boo yeah don’t mess with us!!!

Later that night we went on a rollercoaster ride down!! All of our investigators dropped us. I was bummed. As we were walking across the intersection the Chair member saw us and said can I buy you a drink? I said yeah sure! So she pulled over and we went into a restaurant. She said have you had dinner yet? Nope we haven’t. So she said well your my valentines dinner date! (Oh yeah) So she apologized up and down for what happened at the food bank. She was so nice! I knew The Lord sent her to pick up our spirits. And my belly!! I was really hungry also! (BLESSINGS!!)

One of my buddies that I have acquired out here is named James!! He has had a different life style! His dad is passed and his sister is in Juvi in Wichita. But he wants to go to church but has no vehicle since it was stolen. So we had a high priest come out Sunday and he brought him to church. It was good to see him there. Most of our investigators that like the church and know it is true don’t have a ride to church or their spouse is holding them back! So hard!

You might be wondering “he does not talk of any blessings in his letters!” I promise you all the blessings I have seen while I have been out in the field is with myself. (Yes selfish) A mission is really hard!! Between the scheduling, contacting, companion stubbornness, and homesick the Lord really has been blessing me and other missionaries! The other night I was having a really hard night! I looked down at my table and saw the scripture in D&C 84: 88 “And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." I know The Lord sent me to this scripture! There was no mistake about that! The next night I was still having a problem. I went into my room and knelt and prayed. After praying I got up and read my Patriarchal blessing. Just reading that had the power to help calm myself. I challenge each of you to read you Patriarchal blessing everynight. If you don’t have one, pray every night!!

Love you all very much!!

Two things I want to share:

1. Life may be a roller coaster, but if you have three things in your life you will have less downs!


2. Quote of the week (applies to tracting): Haters gone hate but Jesus loves everyone! – Elder Corlovan

Monday, February 10, 2014

I Am In Kingman, Kansas

Hello everybody, I am currently in Kingman Kansas for 2 months (maybe). When we were flying from SLC to Colorado we arrived in Colorado to a huge snow storm. We arrived late to the airport. We were all scared that we will miss our connecting flight to Kansas. But nope, our flight was canceled and the next flight wasn’t until that night at 8:00 pm. So all 21 of us that are going to Kansas had to sit around the airport for about 13 hours! My companion and I went and found a empty terminal and went to sleep. We only had about two hours sleep previous to getting up. We walked up and down the airport about 5 to 6 times that day. I figured it was about 1 mile to walk round trip in the small terminal. In the afternoon we found out that if the flight was to be cancelled due to the weather we would not be on another flight until the next day at 8:00pm. So we all congregated and prayed. My companion and I walked around the airport again. As we were walking back to the group of missionaries a man was chasing and yelling for my companion and I. We turned around and talked to him. He was a member of the church and he worked there at the airport. As we talked to him he asked if he could do anything for us? I said if you know of a place in the airport that is quieter that could hold 21 of us for the night that would be nice" he said well I can’t get you on another plane but I can get you a hotel. We were so excited!! But we ended up not needing the hotel. It was nice to see such a nice person! He was guided by god for sure! Our flight finally arrived later than what was posted. By this time I was getting really cranky and impatient. I also was not going to sit in Economy again with no foot space! So my companion and I went to the desk and asked if we could get first class. They were all booked up. So I noticed there were seats sitting right behind first class which was just like first class without the extra services. We were so happy!! We went and sat down in our seats and kicked back. Well lo and behold the man sitting next to us was sippin back a few jack's and was looking at stuff that was inappropriate. I had a voice in my head that said "I got you better seats for free now you do my work" I did not know how to talk to this man. He was listening to his Beats so we could not just say "Hey". So I bent over and prayed that my comp and I would be able to talk with this man! My comp was doing the same thing we later found out. (Praying). So all of a sudden this man started talking to us. Previously he did not say anything. So we communicated with each other. He asked “who are you guys I never sit by people wearing the same attire as I.” We told him who we are. He replied "oh so you are going to preach to me. I said no we are not. He went off talking and said well I can’t live without a little sin in my life what about you guys? (He handed us his "quote" magazine) I said no I have been there and done that and I am here now. He started walking out and I quickly asked him if we could talk with him sometime and he said ok. I said do you have a name? He replied giving me his company name. So now I have a duty to find out where this man works. I want to bring him the peace that has been in my life. I was so ecstatic! I told my comp that I was hesitant to talk with him especially just getting out of the MTC and not being confident. I told my comp if we did not talk to that man I would have booked a returning flight back to Utah! The moral of the story! Always pray for miracles. As missionaries and member missionaries as we are doing his work He will always find a way to communicate with each other! It was a great night! Oh wait I'm not done! As we met the mission pres we all went out to load up the trailer with our luggage in the freezing weather. We lined up at the trailer and we opened the doors and the Assistants to the President brought the wrong trailer. It was full of furniture!! They had to go back to the home and get the "Empty trailer". We were once again stuck in the airport! We did not get back to the home until 1:00am! Thank goodness the Mission Pres let us sleep in!

In the town of Kingman there are about 20 different churches. It is hard because everybody out here is so devoted to their religion. My Companion is Elder Sutherland from San Diego. The apartment is nice but it really needs some cleaning. Kingman city is really small and has only had missionaries in it since November. That makes me the third missionary here. We taught an older couple that is amazing last week! We walked to their house and they invited us in and made us hot chocolate. So we chatted with them and they love the Mormons. The wife has gone to Temple Square and felt the spirit. Also, a friend that she has gave her a Book of Mormon. This lady we taught has treasured that book with her heart. As we left we knew they would get baptized. I knew that The Lord has prepared the soil for us and I knew they were so ready. But we went back and taught them The Restoration. After I invited them to Baptism they denied because they just loved their church so much they could not leave it. I was bummed! But we are going back to meet with them this coming week and they said they will possibly come to church this week. They would have but they were busy this past Sunday. I really just think these people need the influence of the actual members and a taste of what Mormon life is and The Lord will slowly work with them as we teach with them. This couple loves the missionaries because they love their faith and loves people that go out of their way to proclaim what we (Mormons) believe in. They said we are taking you in as our adopted children. They are so nice to us!!

Yesterday we went to a man’s house that I have never met before. We sat with the man and followed up on what was previously taught. He knew the church is true but his wife is strong in her religion and does not want to be part of the Mormon religion. She doesn’t have anything towards Mormons she just likes her faith. Her husband said I can’t go against her even though I know its true. He said if I was to go ask her again it would be like I was spitting on her shoes. I learned to love this man! I only knew him for a few minutes also! I don’t do that either. He has been through many addictions in his past and invited us to come to his recovery meetings. He loved them so much! I told him that I have attended my own classes. He was shocked when I said that! We just grew that brutha (I’m not allowed to say that) love! So I said I totally understand that he can’t go against his wife. I really respected this man! But my comp said that this Gospel is centered around families. So we are going to talk with him and her in a few weeks. We can’t wait to meet with them again.

We met a couple that is really religious also! He was awesome! I started getting into politics with him. I had to pull back because we can’t talk about politics as missionaries. It was my favorite subject! Media and the effects it has on society! I can go off on that!! Anyways this couple has a great religious background in Catholicism. We shared our message and we talked more about nothing. FOR JAMES AND KRISTI: As we pulled up to this couples house they had a long bed Dodge pickup with a front cattle bumper on it. (Can’t think of the name of it) and I immediately thought it was a Weatherford truck. But I dismissed that thought. As we get in the house we started talking and he said he has crazy work schedules. He said that he was an offshore driller for Weatherford. I said that my cousin’s husband worked for Weatherford not too long ago. Pretty ironic!

I love being on a mission and feeling the spirit! I can’t wait to see who I become in the next 23 half months! Thanks for all the prayers and all that each and every one of you do for me and my family! And to all of those waiting to go on a mission read and memorize the 42 different points in the Preach my Gospel. At the end of each lesson there are different lengths of ways to teach the lessons. Memorize these! Love each and every one of you! Good luck with civilian life! LOL

Hopefully next week Taylor can send some pictures. 
Here are some pictures we found on a Google search:

 Taylor's new home.

 He is on the upper floor.

 Main Street Shopping

Kingman Carneghie Library
This is where Taylor goes to send the his emails.