Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Was Great & a Baptism This Saturday!

Well, it has been quite sometime since I have wrote a letter for the blog. Christmas was great! It was so good to Skype with my family. We spent most of the day with a member here in the ward. 

This Saturday we are having another baptism. So excited!! Her name is Karla Guadalupe,she is 10 years old. We received a referral from some Elders in Ark City. We went to the address they gave us and a spanish lady opened the door. So we just started saying who we were. She said that she did not speak english. We set an appointment with her the next day so we could bring a member with us that could speak spanish. So the next day we went to her house and talked with them about church. We thought that the mom and daughter were not members. The member that came with us started talking with her and found out that she is a member. She has lived in Wellington for 7 years and did not know there was a church in Wellington. She has been traveling to Ark City very seldomly because she has no car. So we told her where the church is and she came that Sunday. So now the daughter (Karla) is on date for the 3rd. She is so excited. So this Sunday at church she came with her daughter and her other less active daughter. The work is still growing in Wellington!! 

But next week are transfers. I feel that I will be leaving! I hope that you all have a great New Years!! Love ya all, Elder Dickson

 A flock of birds flying south

 Waiting for the train

Pictures for Cameron because he has been building a chicken coop.

Making a Christmas treat

 Champeny's Old Oxford Mill--1874

The river that runs through Oxford

Beautiful Sunset

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Great Thanksgiving & Many Getting Baptized

Hello Everybody!!

I had a great Thanksgiving here in Kansas! Missed being with you all, of course! I got a new companion last week. His name is Elder Liechty, he is from Lindon, Utah.

This week is going to be exciting! We have 3 baptizms this saturday. Tyler, Taryn Stark (brother and sister) and Charley Hielig!! We have had great teaching experiences with them this past week! Charleys countenance has completly changed from the first time we taught him. He is so excited!!

Last night we were going through the Area book at dinner time. We found a Part member family that has 2 unbaptized children! The one was baptized but the bishop did not sign the record. The baptizm was not complete. So we will be baptizing him and his little sister. They have been taught everything!!! All we need to do is test them and see where their knowledge stands! This will be 5 baptizms since I have been here! I am hoping to get another one before I am transferred!! Alyssa is so ready to be baptized!!

Love you all!! Elder Dickson

Visiting Barry at the Hospital
"Miss that smiley face"

A wonderful family had them over for Thanksgiving

His new companion Elder Lietchy

Had to pull over the pick some cotton from the cotton fields

Relaxing during scripture study at a ladys home

Zone Conference last Friday