Monday, August 11, 2014

A Quick Visit From My Uncle, Aunt and 2 Cousins

Well, Taylor didn't write for the blog today, but we thought we would share in his behalf.

Taylor had an exciting day today. John, Paula, Preston and Stockton were driving to Texas for a Firemen's Conference. So they were going right through Wichita. Taylor was able to get permission from President Bell to visit with them and go to lunch. John took some pictures and sent them to me.

The backside of Taylors apartment

Waiting at the Library for Taylor to get done emailing his Mom.
At the same time, I was talking to John, until they came out.

After lunch they took them to the Stake Center where they were having P-Day activities with their Zone. I heard Taylor was going to play tennis with the Sister Missionaries. 
They said, "Elder D is going down."  Hilarious

Elder Hamelwright & Elder Dickson
They just were spoiled with John & Paula's homemade jerky, it is the best!! I hope Taylor shares?????

Thanks to John, Paula, Preston and Stockton for spoiling my Son and his Companion, and for making his day!!

Taylor is doing so good. He loves his new area and all the people there.
A few things he said in his emails lately:

"I wanted to call you so bad the other night!! Remember those times I had such a good day that I came home and talked with you?? Ugh… I wanted to call you the other night!!"
(That made me feel good as a Mom)

"I am doing pretty good. I am starting to see what I need to do to engulf myself into the work. I am going on exchanges with Elder Taluega this week and he is going to help me out with that."

"I am doing pretty good! I have been doing better now than I have since being on the mission!!"

So good to hear of his growth and happiness serving the Lord!
Love you all, Denzil & Judy

Make sure to check out his Birthday post below, I just put on from last week.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!

Hey everybody!! I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the birthday cards and wishes! I loved them!! Thank you!! 

Things have been going pretty good here in Auburn Hills. I love this area! It is one of my favorite areas! Especially where the Balzers are in the ward! They are so awesome. In my first area they would bring us food and make sure we were taken care of! Then I moved to Harrison Park and their daughter and son-in-law lives in that ward! Now I am in Auburn hills and they are here! Such a treat! For dinner the other night they made us Salmon and Pork chops! Mmmm... my favorite! Also, we are taken great care of by the Coopers. He is the Ward Mission Leader, so we see them all the time. They do so much for us and all missionaries. The work in the area is going good! This area is full of potential!

Love you all!!
Elder Dickson

Happy Birthday Elder Dickson


The Sister Missionaries decorated his door!!

The Coopers took us all out to Pizza Hut for lunch!

Happy Birthday cake made by the Hansel family

25 Candles
Get out the fire extinguisher!

A picture that his Grandpa & Grandma Taylor sent to him.
He said he put it on his dresser.