Monday, July 21, 2014

Thanks For The Prayers and Fasting

     Hello everyone! Thank you for those that have been fasting and praying for me! Things have been kicking my butt these past weeks. I have been having some issues lately, which brought on some major anxiety. But I know with all the issues that have been going on the Lord has been behind me 100%, obviously. But things are going to change! I am getting a new companion and a new area this Wednesday! I am so excited for this new start! Last week I went in and received a blessing from the mission President. After receiving that blessing I have felt my roots extend further into the Kansas soil. I felt that things are going to be starting to pick up and time will go much quicker!

     But this past week has been pretty good. The area I am in currently is a rougher area to find people. We have been working with less actives a lot!! So we went to a LA’s house last night and had shown him the Mountains to Climb video. He and his wife (the wife is active) started crying. He so felt the spirit! This is what I love about this work! I love to see LA’s feel the spirit! Something they might be lacking in the most. I love it!!

Also if you want to send me letters please send them to: 
7011 East 13th St North. Wichita, KS 67206-1219

To all you Philippine lovers!! 
We went to eat at a family where 
he served in the Philippines and she is Filipino.