Monday, May 19, 2014

Ridin’ in Style!!

Hello all!! I am doing great this past week! And today!! It is p-day!!! Well to explain the title, we were picked up by a young couple (for church) in their sports car. It was the best!! They came and picked us up in their convertible Mustang which had a V8 engine (GT model)!! It was so chill!! So as we pulled away from the apartment, I through on the Oakleys and just kicked back! I loved it. When we go to church the McConnell Air Force base is along the way so it was cool to be able to see the jumbo jets in a big screen setting! Lol

This past week was just a bunch of tracting. So a man that we have a close eye on has been having some hard times recently. We felt inspired to go over and see how he was doing so we did. As we were walking to his house we walked past the electric man. He just barely turned off the power to his house. So we sat with him and talked and shared some scriptures with him. So 2 days later we went back over to his house to check on him. We pulled up and I told my companion to sit here in the car for a minute. We did and a white car pulled up and he walked out of his house with his items and left. (Not sure what items means-Judy) I love how the Lord works with people. The Lord knows what needs to happen at the right moments.

Love you all!!

I made this pepper corn grinder base on a lathe. 
And bought the top at a local wood working store.

 Check out the massive storm rolling in. 
I was freaked out and wanted to go inside Wal-Mart. 
But my companion said, “Nope, we are still walking.”

 We tracted to this house the other day. 
I had to BoM it!!

Where ever those less actives are, we will go. 
Even if we are in a Corolla.

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