Monday, May 5, 2014

Watch Out Wichita

It was 104 yesterday.  I love the big city! I am so close to all the airline businesses. We always drive past Boeing, Cessna, and Spirit AeroSystems!! I love it! I am going to tour them one day!! I love the people here in Kansas! The area that we work in is a very poor area, I like serving here!! I can’t wait to get my hair cut!! I am going down town to a local barber shop and am going to have some spiritual/barbershop talk. In my new apartment we have a dishwasher, washer & dryer, and A/C!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I went on exchanges with one of the office Elders then to an investigators house. He was on date for baptism until we got there to meet with him.  As we were there he had so many questions to ask.  I was responding to all of them to my best knowledge. Then it hit me, he is doubting getting baptized. I said we would like to see you at church and when I said that he grabbed his chest with such pain. I was afraid at what just happened. He now is not ready to get baptized tomorrow. My companion said to me that he could feel an evil spirit working on him while we were there. So he has become really doubtful about joining.  It made me so sad and angry that the devil was hurting him that much!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

So my first day at the new ward I found out that my cousin, Sis Blood, is in my ward!! How awesome is that!!  I am in a ward, but I have been told that it should be a branch since we have lost so many people. The McConnell Air Force Base is really close and within the boundaries so people are always moving in and out. We have some members that live on base so we get to go on base about 3 times a week! The first time I went on base it reminded me of the movie “The Incredible Hulk”. The scene when the bomb goes off and the whole city is desolate. Kind of eerie!!  

Love you all!!

My new companion Elder Defreese, he's from Springville.

The Branch President and his family!!
The girl in the peach is my little buddy!

The Brown's!! Miss them!! They are my first mission family!!

On my last P-Day we went to his studio and made a letter holder!
He was surprised at how good I did!!

This is the Case’s they made us dinner every Sunday.
We pick a country and she would cook it for us!

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