Monday, June 2, 2014

My New Bike Adventures

Hello my Familia!!

So last week I got my new bike!! It is so great! If you have a missionary going out on a mission get a bike on They have good deals. So after I got my bike all set up we went on a 10 mile bike ride to a referrals house. As we are biking to this house my companion is attacked by the awesome Kansas allergens. His eyes were itching so badly by the time we get to the house. But as we are sitting outside the house an older man just got in his car and pulled up to us and asked how we were liking our mission. His wife is a member but he is not. So he told us not to bug the man we had the referral for. So we didn’t.

So the next day we went out and saw people that lived far away in our boundaries. As we were visiting them one of the guys said to go visit this certain family. So we did. As we went down this long driveway we were approached by dogs, we see a lot of dogs in Kansas. So this man came walking towards us and it was the man that told us not bug that man we were going to see the day before. I thought this was ironic. So we sat there and chatted with him and his wife and he showed us his garden. See pictures below. We started asking him why he has not joined the church since his wife and kids are members. He said I just love smoking, I have done it since I was a kid and he did not want to change. So my companion bore testimony and I bore my testimony to him. And he just did not want to change. But I loved talking with that man.

Hope all is well for every one of you! Thank you for all those that have fasted with me this past Sunday. May the Lord bless each and every one of your souls and families.

Elder Dickson

The new bike 2014 Specialized Rockhopper with 29” wheels 
and Hydraulic brakes.

The largest Coy they have is 23 pounds.

White squirrel? 

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