Sunday, April 6, 2014

The members are great!

It is really nice outside this morning! Love it! We were inside all day yesterday, I didn't feel well. So we stayed home and rested all day. Plus we had a member come over and give me a blessing. And then he saw that we did not have any food so he and his wife brought us over food. Then another member and his mother texted us saying what kind of food do you like. So they are going to load us up with food this week. The members are great. The one member brought his wife over and she told us not to get discouraged. She has lived here her whole life and pretty much shunned because she is Mormon. But she said out of the 23 years living here we have only had 2 baptisms. So she said get your face out in the community. The president said that we should do service here in town. So we have been looking around for service opportunities. We went to an old folks home last week and it looked like pure torture in there. To get OUT of the building you have to type in a code to open the doors. I will never let anybody go into one of those!! We did get a few new investigators so we are working with them. It is the neighbors downstairs. Happy Birthday Dad. 
Love you all, Elder Dickson

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