Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter (Yesterday)

This week has been pretty good! Yesterday a lady that we do service for at the Museum had us and the Sisters over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt! There were so many little kids running around looking for the eggs. I had a blast showing my favorite kids where the stashes were located! Lol. After that we just sat under a tree chatted about life while we gazed over the mile(s) of rolling green farm land. I was glad they did not have any four wheelers because I would have been out cruising on the farm and on the dirt roads! (Crap, I am sounding like the country folks now.)

A family that is out of our area boundaries always brings us food. (Bro and Sis Balzer) Late last night they said they were going to come over and bring us Easter dinner since we couldn’t go to their house. So he brought over tons of food (again) for us. Four people were carrying in all the food. We loved it. Cereal, M&M’s, bread, roast with potatoes gravy and carrots smothered with Sriracha sauce, pizzas, MONEY, and cheese! Oh my goodness!! Heaven! The Lord is providing!!

Speaking of the Lord providing. The Pitcock family is a part member less active family. She has a goal to attend church once a month. Well she has only been able to come once this year. Her husband did not want anything to do with the church. But the Sister's went over to talk with her the other day and the wife said that her husband wants to get baptized and eventually be sealed in the Temple!! Well at church yesterday the whole family showed up despite his hectic work schedule! Miracle!!! So we talked with the husband and he invited us over for dinner tomorrow night! I so can’t wait for that!! He has a huge farm that he runs so I want to see if he needs help. My goal is to drive a John Deere tractor while I am out here!!!

I hope that life is treating you all well. I love you all so much! I can’t wait to be back with you all again!! Love you all!

That’s right!! Reppin’ the Utah Jazz today!! 

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