Monday, April 14, 2014

A Beautiful Tan & Today, Frozen Fingers

Hello Everybody,

Things are going well out here in the boonies of America! This week the weather has been so beautiful. 80 degree weather, a beautiful tan I received, and frozen fingers today!! It snowed this morning in Kansas! So messed up!!

But going to the Temple was a great experience! The bus ride to Oklahoma was 3 ½ hours long. Ugh!!! After the session we had a special meeting with the Temple President. I can’t speak of what he said due to certain reasons but one thing I can say. When the missionaries are chosen the council members keep in mind our 20 year future as they choose what place to serve. It was cool to know that our mission will shape the rest of our lives “Plus” the 2 years we are serving will give us an advantage for our next 20 years of our life! Amazing!!

One of our investigators that we have been working with loves having us come over for lessons. So the other night we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to her and her husband. They just seemed so amazed that we believed all of it. So we asked them “if you pray and come to know these things we have taught are true what would you do” she responded “well we would like to be apart of it!” So we gave them a date so they can be accountable for receiving that inspiration. So this week we had an appointment and they cancelled. Ugh. But last week I did have a dream that the wife did get baptized but the husband did not. But eventually the husband did join. I so hope it will come true!!

Love you all!!
Elda T Dickson

3 1/2 hour bus ride to the Oklahoma Temple.

 Oklahoma Temple

We named our dashboard hula girl Dorothy!! 
There were two storms clashing with each other at that time.

Sing us away Dorothy!

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