Tuesday, March 4, 2014

-10 Degrees Outside

The first week has been a little different. My Companion has been sick a bunch and we were snowed in on Sunday. Our car was parked and it was about -10 degrees outside. So we just stayed inside. A lot of the other missionaries went out in the snow and they got frost bite. Elder Maki loves to cook food. He also reminds me to be positive in all things and not to doubt myself.

Tell everybody I can't email them all today. We had a Zone P-day yesterday so we are emailing today. I love my Zone Leaders and the Assistant to the President. They really make me feel welcome especially where I am the 2nd oldest in the mission. I am learning right now that life is great. Everything that comes in your path will work out for the best. I am also learning that the Mission rules are important to follow, but enjoy being a Missionary at the same time and have fun. This Friday we are having David A Bednar come to our mission!! Booyeah!! Cant wait to hear from him.

We went into an investigators house the other day to check on them. The husband had shingles on his face. I was so worried about him so we just dropped by. We talked and had a spiritual message with them. I got an idea to play a game with them that deals with the Book of Mormon. Pick a page then a verse then you have to apply that verse to your life. They pulled up the scripture Alma 22:23.

Love you guys so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to go my Comp is waiting for me. Share this message with everyone on the blog.
Tell the family Hi.     Love, Elder Dickson

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