Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elder Bednar & A Fire

Hey everybody,

Hope things are going good for you all. Things have been really slow this past week. My new companion has been sick so we have not been out of the apartment much. Elder Bednar came and had a special meeting with the whole mission. It was incredible! He said that this opportunity will most likely not come again in your life. One thing that really stuck out to me is that some members think they are obsolete from missionary work. When somebody gives a prayer most of the time the prayer includes “please bless the people that were not here today that they will be able to make it next time” well why are we leaving it up to the Lord to bless them to come to church? We are the ones that should be at their house making sure they are ok and helping them back to church next week. We as member s need to do the work. It is just like missionary work. If the missionaries sat in the apartment and asked a blessing upon the area for everybody to show up at church NOTHING would be done! That is why we need to get out and be the shepherd to the lost sheep.

Last Saturday we had a man from the Mission Presidency of the Wisconsin mission call us. He grew up in Kingman and was ecstatic to hear that there are missionaries where he grew up. So we met with him and his wife at the library that morning. We had a nice chat about how missionary work is going in the area. (It’s going pretty good) So he has a bunch of friends in the area that are not members. So he gave us 5 different people that he wants us to go talk with. (Wahoo referrals)

When we were leaving we asked if he needed any service. His eyes lit up, yes we do need help! He told us that he has a farm in town that has 11 acres of weeds that he needs to burn and asked if we could help. I said “you need help starting things on fire” he said “yes” we told him “we will so be there.” So we woke up early on P-day and went to the farm. We got out the flame thrower and started the perimeter of the acres on fire. The fire was burning so slow! We got to the other side of the field and I lit a section up and it took off. My comp was on the hose and I was on the flame thrower. That was a bad idea for me! I am a white boy that has not seen the sun for awhile. I WAS GETTING COOKED!! So I took over the hose again. I was trying to contain this roaring fire from going into other fields which I did great at. But all of a sudden the flames intensified. It became really hot! I dropped my camera and squirted myself off with the hose. INTENSE!! So the fire was put out and the other 3 people were just sitting back on the truck while I walked the perimeter. I walked up to them and I said did you know this is on fire? Right behind them was over 50 acres of field that was not theirs. It had started on fire and they did not know. I said this is on fire. We all jumped up and started raking the flames out. We got the fire out just in time. Well its time to go.

Love you all!!!

“You need help starting things on fire?”

11 acres of weeds burned off.

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