Monday, February 24, 2014

I tell you what!! (Southern accent)

I tell you what!! (Southern accent) This day has been awesome!! I had an emergency transfer! So I received a new companion named Elder Maki. He played Rugby for the All Blacks!! Sick!! He is going to be a great trainer! This e-mail is not going to be long because we have just had meetings this past week. But last Friday I went out on exchanges with the Zone leader. We had to go visit some missionaries so they could pass off their lessons. So while they were doing that I played a little b-ball! Wahoo!! After playing ball we had a dinner appointment with some members. We met up at the Outback but the wait was over and hour long! We instead went to a PHO Noodle House across town. It was so good. When we were being dropped off we had a spiritual thought. It was so spiritual!! The member said let me see your Book of Mormon. He said “pick a page number” then he read off a few verse numbers he then said “choose a verse number” I did, then he read the verse. After he read it we had to apply that to our lives. It was so fun! Each of you should try this at night for every person in your household! This will not only be fun but it will strengthen your testimony of the Book of Mormon.

One weird experience I forgot to tell. We were out tracting one night and we went to some trailer houses. I said to my companion I wonder what God has in store for me on this house. (Every house we knocked the people were jerks) So I knocked on this house and this man came out. I said “I am a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.” He laughed his butt off. He said do you want to know what religion I am, come in. I had a feeling not to go in. So I didn't. He said I believe in the universe. I thought oh great a crazy man! And he was, his eyes were wide open heckling us. We left and I looked up and noticed he had a motion sensor above his door. He knew we were coming and was prepared! The Lord helped me out in this situation so much. He kept throwing my words back down my throat so I had a feeling to just walk away! Sorry for cutting it so short but I need to go!
Love you all!! Thanks for the prayers.

MTC District!!

Sister Nally, President Nally, ME!!!, Elder Potter.
 MTC President and MTC Companion

Elder Sutherland, ME!!, Elder and Sister Greenlaw,
Sister Mcquoy, and Sister Miller.


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