Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Pinching Day!!!

Hola amigos. Happy Pinching day!!! I was in bed this morning (not wearing green) and my companion (well over 200 lbs) came running into the run and jumped on me and started pinching me. Lol crazy Poly!!

 But this week has been great! We have been on the hunt for less actives this past week. We came across one man that has not gone to church in awhile. His life has took the one less traveled road. He has turned to alcohol and now is addicted. And he is so addicted that the Branch has been helping him the Branch even had a specialist come out from Headquarters and he even ditched this specialist. So now everybody in the Branch has no faith in him. The Branch President even said that it is a waste of our time to be with him. My comp and I were furious!! I said to my comp “what is on the front cover of The Restoration Pamphlet? A picture of Christ holding a lamb! Yes Christ stopped the heard of sheep to help this ONE sheep back into the fold.” So we now have to find somebody within the Branch to help this man. The Elders can’t help him in the way he needs. He will start to rely on us when he needs to rely on the branch. We can’t help him as much because as missionaries we cannot counsel. All we can do is introduce the ARP program. I feel that I am starting to rant and rave with these letters, which I will try not to do. Not just as members of the church, but everybody deserves a second chance in life. Do not every give up hope on anybody. Our savior did not keep hearding those sheep and look back seeing that one stray leave and continue on with the heard. He stopped!

On Friday I had a phone call from this less active member. He said that he won’t make it to church because he is training at his new job. But he did tell his new boss that he cant work Sundays because he wants to start going back to church. I was smiling at this point. He was even telling me scriptures that he has been reading. He even wanted us to come over for bible study. This was amazing to me. I have not had anybody call and say that he is interested again.

Sorry I can’t write in more detail right now. We are about to go play laser tag with the Zone leaders! Once I get an iPad my letters will be in better detail.

Elder Dickson

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