Monday, September 29, 2014

Joseph was Baptized Saturday

Hello everybody!

Joseph was baptized Saturday at 3:30! It was great! He was so excited to be baptized!! He even took us all out to Red Lobster for dinner! He told us 3 missionaries (the ones who worked with him) the places he would take us and all 3 said different places. So Elder Hamelwright said well I guess you get to choose which place we are going to go because we all 3 said something different. So Elder Hamelwright said, “Who is your favorite missionary”. Joseph said well then, I will have to go with Elder Dickson since he has been with me the whole time! Wahoo!!! Endless shrimp!! Joseph ate probably 50+ shrimp!! Joseph was baptized by a member of the ward by Josephs request and he requested me to do the confirmation the following Sunday. When I did the confirmation it was incredible to pass on the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirm him a member. The efforts have paid off for him, of finding and teaching him for such a long time.

Before he was going to get baptized the Bishop of the ward said no that he can’t be baptized because of some requests that he had. I was so upset. There were some things that needed to be worked out. So the baptism was off for last Saturday. I was NOT going to let this happen! He was going to get baptized!! So we had a conference call with the Zone Leaders, us and Joseph about the requests. Later we met in person and the spirit opened up to us and Joseph. Between the one Zone Leader my companion and I the spirit told us what to say. The spirit was literally speaking to each missionary telling one at a time what to say. Joseph noticed we were in sync with each other. I told Joseph, “And I think you know why we are in sync with each other”. He got a smile on his face. I said, “That was the spirit!!” We said to him,” How do you feel now?” He said, “I feel calm”. Then I said, “Are you ready to be baptized tomorrow without the stipulations?” He replied, “YES!!!” So we left the room and Joseph was interviewed for the Baptism!!! 

 Love you all!!!

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