Monday, September 15, 2014

Ward Member MTC Activity and more

Good morning! This week has been so incredible! First off, Joseph is prepared to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! He is so beyond prepared to be a member! He is being baptized the 27th of this month. We have been going over the final lesson with him in greater depth as prompted to do so. We went over 3 points with him: 1. Priesthood and Auxiliaries 2. Missionary work 3. Eternal Marriage. He is so eager to share the gospel with others already. He is not a member and he has said that this gospel has changed my life already!! He is not even a member!!! He said yesterday after services that he has already been thinking of some people that he wants to share with. Something I would like to share with all the younger kids. Go on a mission when you are suppose to! As we were teaching it hit me so hard that I could not teach effectively at that time. That was, If I would have gone on a mission when I was told do do so Joseph would have been able to serve a mission. But I waited to long to come out which made him too old to serve the Lord. So I have delayed the Lords work by doing my own will! Do not be one of these people! So the other night I was texting him and I was prompted to tell him to pray about going to the temple. It came up yesterday that he did pray about it and the Lord told him to enter the temple as soon as possible!! How great is this!!

The Lord will provide. Saturday we did a ward missionary activity called MMTC which stands for Member Missionary Training Center. We had 4 different classes being taught by missionaries. The classes are: Team-ups, Conversation starters, friendshipping, and social media. We had the topic Team-ups. It was awesome! We had so many people attend from the 2 different wards. But the Sisters from the other ward said that they had so many comments with our class that we taught. So hopefully we will be seeing a growth with team-ups in each ward. But the class' were put in place to help the members become better missionaries in their own time. It went great!

So just to share an experience I had. When I came out on the mission I was so scared to teach!! I could not even teach with my trainer. He did a lot of teaching I could not get out of myself to do such. But yesterday we were told to teach the Lesson in Gospel Principles 1 hour in advance!!! (The teacher went home sick) So I went and got a book and skimmed over the context. I got up there and taught like I had the thing memorized! It was so easy because I put my faith in the Lord. If we have the desire to do something he will help us. So for you pre-missionaries, don't be afraid to serve the Lord. He will mold you into what he needs you to be! Not what you think you need to be. We are just a slab of steel. As we go through trials he is molding us into a sword that He can grasp to use for His work.

Love you all!!

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