Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference & Meet The Mormons

Hope things are going good at home! This week was awesome! I loved watching/listening to conference. We were able to watch conference with Joseph at a member’s home. He thought it was pretty good! We even had an investigator watch it on the internet at his home. So we went over there and talked to him about it. Tonight we are going to watch the movie about the Restoration with him. I can’t wait!! The members are the Hoppers. I love them they are in there 80’s. He is a sand dune junky. He hand built a sand rail that has an automatic transmission and a V8 32Valve V star engine in it and just bought a Polaris Razor 1000!!! He asked me if I wanted to go to the sand dunes with him and his son this weekend… Later that day he bought a new freezer so we helped him unload over $5,000 worth of meat into the new freezer. Party!! They have their own business here in town.

Also, I went to the mission office last week and talked to the Car Manager of the mission. He is from Kaysville and knows of Jerry’s family. His dad had a heating and air conditioning business right next to Speirs Plumbing. It was called Holbrook heating and air. They had to move their business to Salt Lake because it grew so much. He actually converted me to Ford now. I was telling him about the new Escalade and he said that his family converted over to the Navigator. So he taught me about the Pros and Cons of Chevy and Lincoln!

Anyway, last Friday we got a special treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were able to watch “Meet the Mormons!!!” It was awesome!! I was able to set up the theatre! Big speakers and a 200 inch screen!! What could beat that!? Watching Meet the Mormons with a bunch of missionary friends and relaxing!! Oh man it was the best! Sorry I won’t tell you too much about it cause you still have 4 more days to wait! Hahahaha lol! But I will tell you this part!! *Spoiler* The last scene made me miss home so much! It showed the “Mormon Escalator” at the SLC airport. Then it showed the University Mall and a pre-missionary buying his mission suites at Mr. Mac! Oh man, I started to tear up so much!! TRUNKY!!! To all the moms that have a missionary out right now take a roll of toilet paper not a box but a roll. You will need it! Transfers are next week!!! Oh, last night we left a members home and I looked at the sky and it was green!! I freaked out!!!!!! I called my neighbor and asked him what it meant when the sky turned green, he said that means hail! I was so glad but I was freaking out still. I had to protect the car from hail! But it never hailed! But earlier this week we got a text saying to cover the cars because we were suppose to get large hail storms. I have a 2014 Ford Fusion and it has no dents in it! I was not going to let it get dented by hail. Most of the cars in Kansas look like they drove through a golf course, they have so many dents on them.

I love you all, hope you have a great week!!
I am off to get a hair cut and go to a Luau!! Mahalo

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