Monday, June 30, 2014

Bad Bugs, Good Bugs, and Bed Bugs!!!!

Hey, blog time!!

So this week went by so fast!!! We wake up at 5:00 every morning to work out at the gym on McConnell Air Force base. I love doing this!! But it sure does make for a long day!

Here in Kansas the weather has been a delightfully hot with a great 95% humidity!! Oh so wonderful, lol. But right before it rains it becomes SUPER humid!!!! It gets miserable at times!

So last week we went to a former investigators house and visited with him. As we were talking about the gospel with him I felt bugs all over me. I looked down and there were little bugs all over me! I told the guy politely that we will have to finish up and have to re-schedule. After we did so we walked outside and I flipped out!!! There were also bed bugs on us!!! So we went to the store and bought Lysol I sprayed my bag inside and out then took off all my clothes and put them in the washer!! Eliminated those buggers!!! Ugh you Utahan’s are lucky to not have such devilish bugs!!! OHHHHHH, OH, OH I SAW LIGHTNING BUGS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! They are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one thing we need in Utah!!

So this past week we had a “solid” investigator say he would come to church! Well we show up and he was still in bed!!!!!!!!! He is so ready to be baptized besides smoking and not going to CHURCH!!! Grrr. But we have a new family that we met with last week. They are so awesome! The mom has visions during the night so she was telling us all about them. She is such a religious person but she currently does not have a church to attend! So we are going to bring them into the church, well the spirit will!! But the other day we biked 10 miles and walked 10 miles (flat tire). So we went to a trailer park and tracked over 20 trailers in the morning. When we show the Lord we are willing to work and bike 10 miles to his lost sheep, he will provide. We ended up getting 4 new investigators in an hours time!! So blessed! Now we have return appointments with them this week!!

Hope you have a great Fourth of July!! 
Love Elder Dickson

Received a new tie from Tanner and Niki! Thanks!

Chicken Fajita Nachos!! Home made chips!! 
While watching "How Rare a Possession".

My Mom begged me to take a picture with my companion, Elder Jones.
Sporting my other new tie from Tanner & Niki.

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