Monday, June 23, 2014

Burb Washed, Then Went Home to Read the Book of Mormon

     Hello all!! I hope you are enjoying the warm weather!! I know I am…………hahahahahaha I love humidity!! This past week was well crazy!! All I am going to say about last week is…. This church is the true Church of Jesus Christ!! While on the mission you come in contact with so many different opportunities, situations, and companions that enlighten you in so many different aspects of the Gospel!! But there is one church on this Earth and that is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Stay true to the iron rod!! This church is true!

     This morning we had a Zone car wash/wax/water fight at the church!! We had so much fun! We got all 15 cars washed and waxed. I took over the Presidents car to make sure it was perfecto! I love to clean cars! So after all the cars were washed and waxed we had a water fight. Who would have thought to move the cars out of the way?? Nah…. We had too much fun!!! We even got the President into the water war!! He was in his suit pants and white shirt! He loved it and was laughing!

Love you all!

Elder Maki and I taking over! The suburban that we are washing is a miracle story! They were just going to turn around in the parking lot to drive north. But ended up getting forced to get their burb washed. So we get this text later saying that her passenger went home and started reading the Book of Mormon!! God works in mysterious ways!!

Car washing fun with my cuz, Sis Blood.

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