Monday, February 17, 2014

Taylor's New Letter

If you read this letter you are obliging that you will do the challenges that are extended within this message.

Hey everybody! Thanks for the prayers in the missionaries behalf! They are much needed all over the world! Things have been tough this week. I will warn you. I’m not the missionary that sends home letters saying everything is awesome. I’m not fake like that! I will tell you how it is!

Last week we went to a food bank in town to do volunteer work. It was great we had a great time helping the people there! It really put things into perspective of how you should be grateful for the things we have! Most of the people in this town do not have money at all for food so they go to the food bank. Well as we were there a minister of another church came in and said “you two GET OUT!” I stood there like he was joking. He was serious! I got up walked over and got my stuff. My companion just stood there and said we are not leaving. I thought oh great!! (He is so stubborn it’s a joke) They stood there and argued for a little. I told my comp let’s go! He didn’t care! So a little longer and he walked outside. We talked with the minister outside and tried to understand each other’s viewpoints. He said (in a nut shell) this is our turf. We take care of the food bank. My comp had the guts to argue with him. So as we were standing there The Lord sent the head chair member of the food bank in our path. She came up and said what’s going on? I told her we were doing service in here and we were kicked out for doing good in the community. She stood there not knowing what to say! She told the minister we need to talk. So she shook my hand and introduced herself to me and she said “it’s a beautiful day” you have a good day. You are welcome here anytime in my eyes. We left trying to shake the man’s hand and he wouldn’t. He said you are fake representatives of Christ and I won’t shake hands with you. So I killed him with kindness!! Boo yeah don’t mess with us!!!

Later that night we went on a rollercoaster ride down!! All of our investigators dropped us. I was bummed. As we were walking across the intersection the Chair member saw us and said can I buy you a drink? I said yeah sure! So she pulled over and we went into a restaurant. She said have you had dinner yet? Nope we haven’t. So she said well your my valentines dinner date! (Oh yeah) So she apologized up and down for what happened at the food bank. She was so nice! I knew The Lord sent her to pick up our spirits. And my belly!! I was really hungry also! (BLESSINGS!!)

One of my buddies that I have acquired out here is named James!! He has had a different life style! His dad is passed and his sister is in Juvi in Wichita. But he wants to go to church but has no vehicle since it was stolen. So we had a high priest come out Sunday and he brought him to church. It was good to see him there. Most of our investigators that like the church and know it is true don’t have a ride to church or their spouse is holding them back! So hard!

You might be wondering “he does not talk of any blessings in his letters!” I promise you all the blessings I have seen while I have been out in the field is with myself. (Yes selfish) A mission is really hard!! Between the scheduling, contacting, companion stubbornness, and homesick the Lord really has been blessing me and other missionaries! The other night I was having a really hard night! I looked down at my table and saw the scripture in D&C 84: 88 “And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." I know The Lord sent me to this scripture! There was no mistake about that! The next night I was still having a problem. I went into my room and knelt and prayed. After praying I got up and read my Patriarchal blessing. Just reading that had the power to help calm myself. I challenge each of you to read you Patriarchal blessing everynight. If you don’t have one, pray every night!!

Love you all very much!!

Two things I want to share:

1. Life may be a roller coaster, but if you have three things in your life you will have less downs!


2. Quote of the week (applies to tracting): Haters gone hate but Jesus loves everyone! – Elder Corlovan

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