Thursday, October 8, 2015

Conferences & Three Weeks Left and I'm Home

Hola mi familia!!! I hope things are going great for you at home. Sorry I have not written a letter home for some time now. Things are always so busy here in the office I lose track of my mind…. I mean time. It is so great to be lost in the work!! So for the last two weeks we have had zone conference’s all across the mission. Those two weeks went by so quickly! We inspected 81 out of the 83 vehicles that the mission has. So it has been really busy and time consuming. Plus, I got the chance to do my last vehicle training to the whole mission. It is so awesome to see how much the Lord has helped me to grow. The old Taylor would not get up in front of tons of people and speak. But the still evolving “new Taylor” got up in front of 80+ people and gave a lecture! So awesome!!! (Bishop – Stake President don’t get any ideas now……) Cough…. So I might be going to BYU I this winter semester!!!! I just received my letter of acceptance to BYU I!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!! So since BYU I is a three track school I have to now wait and see what semester I get accepted to. I have applied to the winter semester but as it states on the website it is subject to change. To find out more click (Elder Dickson received the Winter/Spring track)

General Conference was so good. I love getting the chance to listen to modern day Prophet and Apostles!!! Ever since coming on the mission and learning so much about the Gospel has helped my testimony grow so much of General Conference. We had the opportunity to watch General Conference at our Branch Presidents house and then for Priesthood we went to the church!! Such a great time!

So I have been trying to avoid this subject like the plague. But I am supposed to tell everybody that I will be coming home on October 29th. My plane lands at 4:25 PM. That is done and said. Don’t get offended at what I say. If you do…. It is going to be harder coming home than it was leaving!! The Lord is already preparing me to come home and it sucks! I was driving home last night from Junction City and with all the lights it looked like northern SLC. Then further down the road it looked like the highway entering Price canyon! Ugh I wasn’t even thinking about home!! Kansas Wichita Mission is the best mission in the whole world!!!!! Hands down!!!!!!!!!!

So this Thursday I am going up to Lawrence to pick up my replacement! Ugh…. Things are getting real!!! So I will have 2 weeks to get him trained on how to be the Vehicle Coordinator and an office assistant. So much to teach!!!

Los amo a todos!!

Elder Potter, his first Companion at the MTC

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