Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some Down Time We Are Not Use To

Hey everybody,

It has been a very different past week!! We had a missionary that had 2 hernia surgeries stay with us for over a week. So my companion and I switched on and off from sitting at the apartment all day. He is finally doing better and is out in his new area. It was a huge change for my companion and I. We are both use to the hustle of each day, schedule slammed with things to do. Last month we put on 5,000+ miles on our Nissan, the assistants new 2015 Silverado and their old Silverado. And we only blew up one tire of the trailer going 75 mph. Oh, and I slit the tire open Sunday night on our Nissan. It is just proof that Satan is out after us trying to stop his work. 

If I have not mentioned in past letters, we have installed over 80 whiteboards in all the missionaries’ apartments. The whiteboards are there to help the missionaries look at the board each day to help them see what is needed to be done instead of having it in their head what they need to do. My awesome Mission President calls them the “Full Purpose Whiteboard.” Lately we have been focusing on Full Purpose Missionaries. Which means we teach while we find as we teach. It helps our finding efforts double. 

Sorry not much to say with such a different week behind us. Oh I will be in a trio next Monday with my new companion. My companion Elder Hisler is going home on September 5th. So it will be interesting to have a new companion. I had the chance to meet him yesterday for a brief second. 

It is so crazy to be at the tail end of my mission!! On p-days I have been signing up for school! I was signing up for school at UVU where I have been attending and it just did not feel right. So long story short I have been signing up for school at BYU Idaho. So we will see what happens there. 

Love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes and presents.  
Love you all!
Elder Taylor Dickson

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