Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Visit From Elder Holland & A Round of Golf

Hola mi familia and friends!!! Hope things are going great at home!! So much is going on at home!!! I can’t believe what is changing at home! My brother is engaged, the other brother is driving (probably my car also :=) ), my dad is growing strong and is a movie star, my mom is working like crazy and growing the Relief Society program! Can’t believe it!!

Things are going pretty good here! We are starting to work less in the office now. We are starting to get caught up on all the projects we have been given. So that is awesome! Last week was crazy in so many ways!!!!!!!! We had Elder Holland, Elder Christensen, and Elder Deshler come to our mission and speak to us on Saturday. Before I get into the good stuff…. I was in charge of getting the charter buses reserved to pick up ¾ of the missionaries. That was a nightmare!! Talk about fighting Satan to get 140 missionaries to listen to an Apostle!! As always if we put our trust in the Lord all things will work out. After all, I did sign myself up to work for the Lord full time!

So on Saturday morning we all arrived at the church building and took a mission picture. We then went into the chapel and awaited for Elder Holland. He arrived and we all stood and sung the Hymn “We are all enlisted.” Talk about a powerhouse!!!!!!!! Just imagine: 230 missionaries in a chapel, doors all shut, on the stand is Elder Holland, Elder Christensen, and Elder Deshler. All missionaries are singing with the spirit flowing out of our mouths. I thought to myself that we sounded so incredible!! As I looked around the spirit was filling me. My eyes started to water up and then the thought came to my mind: “I use to be in the depths of misery, now I have been saved and I am now standing in a chapel filled with missionaries and an Apostle.” I will never forget that moment!! After the singing Elder Christensen and Elder Deshler spoke. Honestly, I don’t remember what they said in their talks. I fell asleep!! After having the buses arrive at the church ON TIME my stress melted away! So the next thing I remember hearing was “Amen” then the spirit woke me up!  Elder Holland, he wanted to shake our hands. So we were only allowed to say our name and where we were from. So row by row we lined up to meet him. I started to get a bit nervous! As I was up in the line I was checking my tie, checking my suit coat, making sure enough white was showing out of my cuffs. I was a bit nervous! So after he got up and said that we had a great group of missionaries!! He interviewed each of us this way!! After a bit of speaking he started getting heated!! He would go up to a few missionaries and would tap them on the cheek. And one sister, he grabbed her and shook her. It was funny!! I learned a lot from him!! Yes, I am purposely leaving a cliff hanger….

P-day!!!! After being in the office for 3 transfers I finally took a p-day!! I called up a few missionaries and went golfing!! Man it was so great to chill back and play a round of some good ole’ fashion Happy Gilmore golf!! “Why won’t you go home!?!?” We had such a great time playing golf. I received some natural Vitamin D! And I don’t want to know what I shot!! Ugh… Love you all!!!

Kansas Wichita Mission
May 2nd, 2015
I am on the back row on the left side.

Getting a P-Day and some Vitamin D

The mama goose kept poking the young ones to hurry up!!

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