Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Working Hard & Elder Holland

Hey everybody!

Crazy days here at the office! Last week we did a 2 day trip through central Kansas. We just received a 2015 Chevy Equinox that was to be delivered out to Garden City. After we were done with Garden City we took Garden Cities Jeep Compass and delivered it to Topeka. They were so excited to get a new car. So the vehicle we took from Topeka replaced a vehicle that had high miles in Junction City. As we arrived to Junction City the Elders called and said that they just hit a stop sign. UGH!!! So they slid into the stop sign and took a chunk out of the front bumper. It was to be delivered to its finally resting grounds in Arkansas but now it sits in our parking lot awaiting for an estimate. One of my jobs is to oversee incidents. In the past 3 weeks I have had 4 cars in the shop and 3 awaiting estimates and approval for body damage. I love what I am doing here in the office!!

One of my largest tasks that I am working on is getting transportation for the mission. On May 2nd Elder Holland is coming to speak with the missionaries and then to the Area Leadership. So I am in charge of getting all 180+ missionaries to Wichita. I had a plan to get 6 vans out all over Kansas. But after 50+ hours day and night of working on travel and sleeping arrangements we felt it was not the right way to go and we decided another way. After meeting with President Bell we went to a members to have dinner. When we were coming home I asked another missionary to drive us home. (My Companion is not driving right now.) I was so tired!! He drove us home and I could barely make it in the door. I crashed hard!! I learned something awesome during this project. I worked day and night working on this project. I was never tired or weary. I know that the Lord was there to give me extra strength to endure.

As many might not know my current calling is to manage 85 vehicles. That includes repairs, incidents, sales, safety, mileage allotment, vehicle transfers, etc. I know that the Lord is in charge of this work. It is difficult at times knowing what the Lord wants done. He does not always tell us what needs to be done. If he were to do that we would not learn and grow. Being in the office is not easy as many might think. We have missionaries’ day in and day out investigate us on what we do. They think we get to play on the internet and just mess around and do whatever we want. It is one of the most underappreciated callings. At times it really gets to me. They don’t understand how much an office Elder does for a mission. During this “mini” trial I have been taught that it does not matter what other missionaries (people) think. It is only what God thinks of you!

I know that if we truly lose ourselves in the Lords work many miracles will come upon us. I have truly lost myself in the Lords work being in the office. My depression has not came up as much as it has in the past. I have had a health issue since I was a kid, I did not know what it was! But now I understand that I have had great amounts of anxiety tearing me down.

Fun things to know about our Mission: Last year Elder Bednar came and spoke to the mission and a Stake. This year Elder Holland is coming to speak to the mission and Area Leadership. Then on Sunday he will be speaking to the same Stake Elder Bednar spoke to last year!

Love Elder Dickson

Eating a 1 lb. Prime Rib on one of the trips with the cars.

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