Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Busy, Busy at Mission HQ

Hey everyone,

Things are going pretty good here at Mission HQ. We are starting to roll out the iPad's for the missionaries. This past week we had Elder Clark come and speak to our mission. He spoke to us for 5+ hours. He is such a fireball. He was walking around the room talking with us. Missionaries and iPads. Sounds like a crazy idea huh. But when we really looked at the broad scope of why the brethren are allowing this it really made sense. So instead of us missionaries being isolated, you will get, Sent from my iPad. These next few weeks are going to be crazy!! Tuesday I been given the privilege to attend the O.K.C temple so we will be doing that. Wednesday is Missionary Leadership Council. That is most of the day and after that I get to drive out west to take the missionaries back to their apartments. My companion and I will be staying the night in Garden City. We have a project to deliver 5 foot by 12 foot white boards to all the leadership in the mission. These whiteboards are a huge tool to keep track of missionary related statistics. We have already seen success with them in our pilot zone. So Thursday we will be on the road for many hours covering the western part of the mission. Next week we will be traveling Central and Eastern parts of Kansas doing Zone Conferences, inspecting 60 cars then back on the road installing white boards to the surrounding areas.

Oh, something really cool. My companions family are converts of 18 years. There is a lady in Garden City that served a mission in Maine (Elder Hisler's home town). So some missionaries said his name to the lady (inspired question) and she said that she baptized a family in Maine by that name. So long story short we will be visiting the lady that taught Elder Hisler's family on Saturday. So cool!!

Love, Elder Dickson

Got to love Dillons prices.
Freeze'm up. Spade-L-Ranch seasoning, MMM!!

Stash of iPads!!!

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