Friday, April 10, 2015

Tornado, A Night of Excitement!!

Hey Family and Friends,

We did not get a p-day Monday so President let us have a partial p-day yesterday. It was not a p-day at all. So our fun adventure Wednesday night. We were at a store last night and all of a sudden the tornado sirens went off. They told us to go into lock down or leave. So we started heading towards the shelter and the spirit told me to leave and get to the office to alert the leaders. So as we were driving to the office we turned on the radio and listened to the weather alert. It was in our vicinity, my companion and I were a little startled. It was more of an adrenaline rush more than anything. So we arrived at the office and started checking the weather. It was moving past our area (Derby). So until 11:30 last night we were at the office checking the weather for the A.P.’s, letting them know what areas were needing to take shelter. It was quite a night!

Sorry I have not been writing a blog letter! Ever since this new transfer arrived I have been so busy. This transfer I was appointed the Assistant Vehicle Coordinator. So the Vehicle Coordinator is new to this and I have medium experience. We were both thrown into it at the beginning of the month which is when miles and fuel receipts start coming in from our fleet of 86 vehicles. There are 1,000’s of receipts that have to be signed off and all odometers need to be entered into the computers. It is really fun to be able to be in this position for the mission for the time being.

The down side to being in the office is we don’t get to work in our area as much. We do get to teach a bit and have those awesome miracles but not as much. But here in the office we get to help with so many things that allow missionaries to have those miracles happen for them and their investigators. Being in the office is one of those things in the mission where you don’t get to see the fruit of your labors. But on the other side we will be able to!

Some of my current projects that I have been working on for the mission. On May 27th we will be having iPad orientation. My responsibility for this event is to get 3 charter busses and have them go around Kansas picking up missionaries. It is a big responsibility and task to plan out. After that we will be going to the Temple on June 2nd in Oklahoma City. We will be getting a charter bus for that as well. I don’t know how Salt Lake is going to handle the iPads when they get here, but we know it is going to be a big task handing our 220 iPads out and collecting money for them. Such a crazy event. I am so glad to be able to be a part of that history for the Kansas Wichita Mission!!

Well time is flying by. I have a new companion named Elder Hisler from Maine. I like having the chance to serve with him. He has already worked here in the office previously for 6 months. President felt that he needed to be here in the office at this time. We have had a big turn over on senior staff so we are needed to help them as well. This month I will be out for 15 months. Time is coming up! I can’t wait to get back into school! Hint… follow up Dad!? I hope that you are all doing great and are having great experiences within your lives!!

Elder Dickson

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