Monday, March 9, 2015

An Awesome Week

Hey family and friends,

Things have been going great the past week. I can officially say now that we are getting iPads in May! I am so excited for this big event in mission history. Bad news though for the mission. We are getting TIWI put in all of our cars. So TIWI, it is a module that is installed into the car and will monitor how fast, seatbelt usage, boundaries, and how aggressive you are while driving. So if a missionary is disobeying these “settings” it will alert the Mission President and the Vehicle Coordinator. So that is another big thing for the mission.

Last week we had MLC’s (Mission Leadership Council) while we were doing our trainings I got a phone call from Utah. This mans brother was working in Kansas City in a mine and had a big accident. He had a ¼ inch fitting blow off a 5,000 psi fitting and hit his arm. It tore the skin under his arm open and hydraulic fluid entered into him. So he was life flighted to the hospital near the office, St Francis hospital. So the man wanted us to go be there when the helicopter landed and give him a blessing. So we got there right before he was going into surgery. We were up in the pre-op room and gave him a blessing. (The missionaries are treated like gold at the hospital) So I gave him the blessing and when I got done I looked around and there were a ton of staff workers waiting for me to get done. It was so cool. They were all thanking me.

Last week we were out visiting people on the roster. In the meantime we found a New Investigator that moved here from Africa. His name is Raule. He was so interested in hearing about the Gospel. We gave him a Book of Mormon and explained to him and taught. As we were walking down the stairs he said “is this mine?” We said yes. He was so surprised. We have an appointment with him this week.

Love you all!!
Elder Dickson

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