Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transfers to Wellington KS

It’s time!! I am moving to Wellington Kansas and my companion is Elder De Jong. He and I came out at the same time. He went to the Mexico MTC because he is a Spanish Elder. I am in a Spanish district. No… I will not be learning Spanish. I have not been called a Spanish Elder.

We had a Road Show this past Saturday! It was a blast!! Most of the missionaries in my district played a part! I was the DJ for the show! Ah yeah it was sick!!! And we went to get sushi for some birthdays in the District! Party!!!!!

We just had somebody move into our apartment next to us and they are Mormons!! The Dad has fallen away from the church and the 15 yr old daughter has not been baptized. She was taking the lessons in Washington before she left. We went over last night to talk with them and she already know, we pulled out lesson after lesson and she said, "Yep, I already have gone over that". So right now we are just getting them to read and pray daily! Then when the time comes right she will become baptized. The Dad said when he was driving the 30 hours here he was thinking how much he needed to get back into church and when he got here he saw us and knew what God was trying to say.

Love you all!!!

Joseph and Elder Cook as Goblins

Thug life!


 Yeah it’s on fire!!


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