Friday, January 31, 2014

First P-day!!

Well the past week has been crazy and really good! There has been so many different things to learn. When we first came into the MTC they took us to a conference. There they told us that while here it will be like a fire hydrant full of information that will be blown at us. That has been so true! Yesterday we had an in-field training. There at the in-field training two of the people from "The District" taught us. They work here at the MTC. One of the people was J. Tyler Christensen from Florida. After one of the classes a companionship went up to him and asked for his autograph. He said: "No I wont give you and autograph, but I will be in a picture with you." That cracked me up! I cant remember who the other person's name was that was from "The District".

My comp is Elder Potter from Idaho. He is 19 and is a potato farmer. We had a great experience with a real investigator here at the MTC. My comp and I were going to a role play in another building. The person we were going to meet with was not there. So I told my comp lets go over to this table. We sat down and another investigator (a real investigator that is really checking out the church) (sorry hard to explain) came up to us (she must have been prompted to come up to us) and started talking to us. We built that trust up between us by just regular talk. But we needed to go meet our scheduled investigator but missed that appointment. So as we were leaving she grabed us and asked if she could talk to us. So we went into her room and she poured her heart out to us. It was amazing. She really wanted to know the Gospel and how it could help her. We were able to teach and testify to her. We did get to a point where we did not know of what to do. So when we got to that point another scheduled companionship came in with us. That was a blessing from The Lord. My companionship and the other companionship worked to well with each other. To get to point, I know this work is The Lords!! He will put people in others paths that need each others help. We just need to put our faith in The Lord and all things will work out! I love you all so much and thank you for the prayers!! Sorry I have not gone into much detail. I only have a few minutes left on the computer. Elder Dickson

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