Friday, January 31, 2014

Hola Mi Familia

This is the 1st letter Taylor sent last week.

Everything is going well here at the MTC. There has been so many experiences that have happened. I feel that I have grown a lot since just yesterday. One of the zone leaders has said "while here at the MTC it feels like 10 semesters put into 12 days." It's true!! I had a experience in class yesterday where the teacher was talking about charity. I had this feeling come over me to share how others have used charity to bring me back into the church. It was awesome! But I don't have much time to write. (however you spell that! It's still early for me! lol) We are going to the temple this morning with our district. We were lucky to be able to be able to attend the temple while here at the MTC. Usually we would be able to write home and attend the temple once which is the weekend before we go back into civilization. LOL! Mom, yes Sister Blood is in my district. It has been weird not having a cell phone, we have all been going through withdrawals. Thanks for all the prayers that have been offered. I will type you next friday! Love you all!
Love, Elder Dickson

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