Monday, January 5, 2015

The Spirit & Gospel Changes Our Lives & Transfer Time

Well another week bites the dust... I mean snow. It has been snowing here really hard the past few days. It also has been really cold! In the negatives!! (wind chill) We didn't have our baptism this past Saturday. The mother cancelled all appointments because she has been so busy with work. We were so devastated!! But she will be baptized this month sometime.

I said goodbye to the Starks family last night. It was so sad to leave them at this time! We have grown so much together. I got a picture with them before I left their house. The whole family has changed so much since they have came back to church and from being baptized. The spirit does so many wonderful things to a person. And even more important to families!! As we drove home I was thinking of how wonderful it has been to be able to help out others and the impact the Gospel has on them. It will change their lives forever!!
Love you all!! Elder Dickson

Elder Dickson is getting transferred on Wednesday. He is so excited, he will be in a three-some companionship. They will be serving in a Young Single Adult Ward called Rock Road. So back up north to his second area, the Derby Zone, just south of Wichita.

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