Monday, January 12, 2015

I am in a New area & we are Blessed

Hey everyone,

I am in a new area now. I am serving in the Mission office and a YSA branch. I am loving it. We have not had much time to go out and do much actual proselyting since I have left Wellington. I am in a trio companionship so one of the Elders is the Car coordinator for the mission. The other day we went and picked up two 2015 Chevy Cruzes. I drove off the lot with 8 miles on it. So nice! The YSA branch is the greatest! There are so many YSA’s that are so strong in the faith.

The other night we went to a fireside at the Stake center. The members name is Larry Chesley he was in the Vietnam war. He was shot down and jumped out of the plane and became a P.O.W. for 7 years!! He was tortured and beaten. He said that he kept his faith up and continued to pray. As he was going through all this crap. As he was in there his wife divorced him. As he eventually was released, he came home to just his parents. He later married and had a child. As he and his wife were driving to the Church building to bless his child he was hit by a train. The accident killed his wife and child. As I sat and listened to this man I thought “my problems are NOTHING compared to this man!” I encourage you all to learn of this man. Here is his book: Seven years in Hanoi;: A POW tells his story.

Elder Dickson

Elder Dickson said to mail any packages or letters to the Mission Home, that is where he will be to get it. He is living in the same apartment that he was before when he lived in Wichita.  

His HUMP DAY is coming up soon on January 22nd! Write or email, the address is to the sig

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