Monday, November 17, 2014

A Spiritual FHE & Cutting Down a Tree

Oh boy!!! It's almost winter time! We have several inches of snow and ice! The roads this morning are packed with ice! Love it! lol I am being safe Grandma! (Love ya) But this week has been incredible! We have a Less active family that has been coming to church since our visit with them a few weeks back. They have 2 children that are not baptized. So they are on date for baptism on the 6th of December! They are solid! We have another man named Charley. We found him through a less active family also! So he is on date for the 29th of November!! He is so ready to be baptized. It has been a struggle with teaching him because he has dementia. We have been communicating with our leaders as what we could do to help him more. They said as long as he know about the Restoration and the covenant that he is taking then he can be baptized. Because the ultimate teacher is the spirit. If we hold off with baptizing him then we are prolonging his teaching from the spirit. I love it!! Last night Bro. Taylor and I went and did his home teaching. We went to a less active families home and taught her. I had no idea what to teach. So with full intent relying on the spirit to guide me and the amount of Faith I have, the spirit told me to open up to the index of the Ensign of G.C. As I opened it my eyes laid right on the talk given by Neill F. Marriott called "Sharing your light" as I turned to it on page 117 I knew I was not suppose to read it all. I just said in my mind "ok spirit tell me when to stop" so I read and the spirit told me to stop. I looked up at her and started to teach her. I said that our bodies are a temple. Just like the Temples here on earth they are bright. Well in each of us our light varies within our own temple. (Then I compared our light to those stupid halogen bulbs that are curly. They are the ones when you turn on the light switch you look up and realize that they are on but dim) So I said we need to keep that light burning bright with reading and praying. Then she opened up just like a vault! (This makes life easier on missionaries) She said why she and her family have not been coming to church. So I helped her resolve those issues and she is willing to come back to church to take the sacrament!! And allow her kids to be introduced to the activities!!!! Miracles!!!
Love you all!!! 

Pictures of me up in a tree cutting it down. 
We are helping a man on his 100 acre farm.

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